The first part of the Ibiza season ends leaving a sense of continuity, of stagnation at the top of the music scene, but seeing as incomes continue to rise this conservative strategy is understandable. Although the heat we are experiencing these days slow our biorhythms and make time seem to slow down, the reality is that July is over and with it the first part of the Ibiza season.

31 days without a break, full of tender clubbing with very few cities can compete, and again a flood of tourists that threatens to collapse the largest of the pitiusas. From Calimbre Radio we want to echo the magnificent abbreviated summary that have made our fellow Vicious Magazine of what happened in this period of time, highlighting the best and worst of the big clubs, it seemed to us very interesting and successful.

(In alphabetical order)  


Despite the Civil Guard helicopters flying over the club, despite the passage through the dungeon of the dome of San Rafael nightclub, Amnesia continues to dominate the nights in Ibiza. Beyond the tastes and preferences of musical numbers do not lie, and percentage Amnesia is the club that night attracts more people. This nocturnal supremacy is due among other factors to the diversity of its programming harboring different branches of techno, tech house and minimal (Cocoon, Hyte, and Music On), stars of EDM (House of Madness), R & B and dubstep (toguether) or British trance (Cream).  

The best:

The resurrection of Cocoon. The German party is starting to regain ground lost years ago and began with a July musically apotheosis, with Sven Väth full of energy and with Ricardo Villalobos, despite some problems of health, genius music mode electronics. He also stressed the freshness and the rise of Hyte, with a more lighthearted than last year and reminiscent of the spirit of joy that reigned in the early twenty-first century conceptual proposal.  


Some parties are beginning to show signs of fatigue, many years with the same concept and almost always with the same names, you begin to receive a disgust at the lack of imagination in some line up. The output of the Trojan has been bad news for Amnesia. There are parties that should never leave home, and without Amnesia La Troya loses a part of its DNA.


The club of two cherries pace continues its path , knowing the tastes of your audience is not complicated life with a program where the House, the EDM , and tradition Flower Power still flood your private . The counterpoint to this trend have marked Solomun and Maceo Plex , providing and focused on the music scene two separate concepts away from the show.

The best:

No doubt the fresh air that has brought Maceo Plex , although the first year of any party in Ibiza is full of mines , Mosaic has managed to dodge them focusing its efforts on the musical development.


As in most Ibizan clubs have not lived particularly magical or transcendental moments during this July , and find a hole in the track Pacha to dance on some holidays is an impossible mission.


The proclaimed world’s largest club continues its long journey through the desert, the lack of big stars in their programming do you get into the game with a ballast , still Supermartxe and party Juicy M have buoyed the club during the July.  

The best:

Baroque theatricality of Supermartxe that remains strong despite the change of day and moments of musical quality by Marco Bailey in his party matter .


Competition from other offers minimizes the impact of their parties, and despite all the efforts and investment of Privilege its dimensions are too large for the possibilities of new parties.

Sankeys IBIZA

As the Gaulish village of Asterix and Obelix , Sankeys resists surrounded by a range of increasingly numerous commercial music. But the small club of Playa den Bossa remains firm in its unabashed proposal, gathering every night to the new litters of clubbers who are not willing to be one billetada in macro Ibizan clubs .

The best:

Being able to hear every Wednesday in the Dance DJ Alfredo 88/89 party, one of the most exciting architects of electronic music and live in Ibiza legend.


The atmosphere is becoming too British in Ibiza different views and different ways of doing things are appreciated.


The last July at Space Ibiza, many people have not noticed these small details, so the season goes on as if nothing were to happen, where the only note of melancholy puts the presence of Pepe Rosello increasingly usual media. As for attendance figures again Carl Cox pulls the cart next to the Row, but not enough for them to reach the numbers Amnesia Ibiza. Although his new parties have left a good taste, still lack maturity, weight and needed to attract more people experience.

The best:

Carl Cox, is not only the best by far in Space but is also the best of July in all Ibiza. The only party every Tuesday night hanging the sign “sold out”, because its promoter has managed to touch a chord with his followers promising events will be history clubbing. We must also highlight the courage and Onyx Afterlife two rookies in these conflicts that have managed to fight his bisoñez a solid line up and raring to take on the world.


Perhaps many of its fans expected to be a goodbye Space throw the house through the window and would make every week a memorable one. Unfortunately it has not been, and in his last year was found with a program that removing Cox has left unforgettable moments without being at the height of the last year of a legend like Space. Troy (outside habitat), and Sundays at Space Glitterbox have not provided that leap of quality expected.


The giant Ushuaia began his real season 2016 with the arrival of July and most of its stars ( Avicii , Hardwell , Martin Garrix and KYGO ) , which has led to large attendance figures and become the global epicenter of EDM , because one week you can see new stars alongside veterans like David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and Steve Aoki .

The best:

If you want to be in EDM seek no other club in Ibiza, Ushuaia passes by the best of this style , in their own setting for a festival. Also highlight energy Ants , a party that gets increasingly popular for its freshness and for being the only party beach House that departs from the commercial .


Perhaps some lack of imagination in concepts, if you attend an entire week to Ushuaïa gives you the feeling you’re in the same event with different artists . Although proposals like Blue , try to fix it shows.

In short , the first part of the Ibizan season ends leaving you a sense of continuity , of stagnation at the top of the music scene , but seeing as incomes continue to rise this conservadora.Pero understandable strategy to continue this trend runs the risk of stagnation, which would make less attractive Ibizan supply and open the door to other eager tourist spots because Ibiza take your foot off the accelerator.

To continue enjoying the Summer 2016 season still remaining .

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