Letter to the Five Magnificent

The five magnificent are the culprits that a dream that takes almost ten years rondándome head a reality today finally born Calimbre Radio. thoughts are just thoughts, to carry them out always needs to have great enthusiasm, media, or as in this occasion get to know in my life to people who never thought to be treated my project so lovingly and delivery that have, I can never thank what they have done these five friends by Calimbre Radio and me, that’s priceless. So from here and before all, that you know, I want to show my appreciation to:

Alci Rivero (Director of Happyfm Fuerteventura and Lanzarote) Thank you for your patience, dedication, support and infinite help, I will never forget. You you gave me the first shock, when you talked to open a station that had proposed me, you gave me a spark and got my dream, we are here … pa what it takes … Thank you.

Kike Arnau, cabin mate, great computer skills and design, often new logo marcástes you bro, Thanks.

Eduardo de La Guardia, mate waves, Dj and guilty that we have our web in wordpress, has also managed to capture perfectly what is wanted from the beginning and this is reflected in our staff, thank you.

Michael Ramirez (Presenter Global Miami and Director of House Radio), I never wanted to disturb him despite knowing he’s my friend almost twenty years, has always been and is an advance in this technology, I finally entered fully until guts of the project and its advice and dedication have been also vital, Thanks Misterr

Samuel Diaz, Suly friend of over twenty years he has worked as a commercial, Ar and manager for all multinational record companies in the world. Great search of new sounds, counselor and another calimbre souls, like other friends here mentioned, THANK YOU !!

Having said all that, one can only say that I am very excited and vital to continue on the path we have begun force. Again I thank you !!!!

Magnificent experience Friends

Calimbre;) 🙂

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